Explore program for mirrorless

Photo Laplante SKU: PAL999s
Explore program for mirrorless

Explore program for mirrorless

Photo Laplante SKU: PAL999s
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Getting a new photo gear? The Explore Program is there for you to take full advantage of! This program has two components: the first is all-risk protection for 3 years so that you can explore the world of photography without worry! We will have your equipment repaired at our expense if it has an accident, and we will replace it with a new one if it is not repairable. But that's not all!

Above all, the Explore Program offers you a host of small bonuses in addition to the peace of mind it brings you: free lessons, discounts on several services and on photo outings, as well as a price guarantee for a period of 6 months.

Explore the world of photography carefree!


Duration of protection: 3 years
Warranty on parts and labor
Manufacturing defects and mechanical failures
Impact damage
Damage caused by liquid, sand or dust
Normal and abnormal wear
Free shipping for repair


Duration of the program: 1 year
1 free private lesson lasting 1 hour
25% off a first course or outing
10% discount on the following courses and outings
2 free sensor cleanings
1 free firmware update
1 free 3-hour studio rental
6 month price guarantee

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