External Flash

External Flash

External Flash

Sylvie Poirier 3 hours date to be determined
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In French only. Please contact us to learn more about our private courses.

You have an external flash and you don’t know how to use it? You are often disappointed with the results and have no idea what to do to fix it? This workshop is for you!

A workshop that will give you simple and easy tricks to control your lighting, whether under difficult lighting condition, just to add an additional light on a slightly dark subject or simply to use as a fill in. Your flash can be used both inside and outside!

Prerequisites: The participants must have knowledge of the basics of photography and shutter speed/aperture/ISO. They must also have a good understanding of their camera equipment.


  • Advantages of an external flash
  • The inverse square law
  • Natural lighting
  • Color temperature
  • Fill-in technique
  • Sync speed
  • Softening the lighting
  • First and second curtain
  • Stroboscope
  • Exposure compensation
  • Exposure mode - manual, auto, TTL
  • Guide number
  • Accessories

Once registered, this course cannot be refunded. Photo Laplante reserves the right to cancel or hand over a course, workshop or outings without notice, in which case registered persons will be notified and reimbursed.

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