Classification of used equipment

All used equipment is tested and sold in working condition. The following list classifies used equipment based on appearance only.

Used Equipment A: Used equipment, but looks like new (camera with a shutter count of less than 1000, for example; the camera should NOT be a discontinued model when we buy it).

Used Equipment B: Has little or no wear and tear (a few more clicks than a Rank A equipment, for example).

Used Equipment C: Has some wear, but is very clean (the rubber has obviously been used more, but not that much).

Used Equipment D: May have some light wear on the finish (a small surface scratch).

Used Equipment E: Well used; may have some wear on finish (a few scratches).

Used Equipment F: Has obviously been used a lot, more than usual (the finish has disappeared here and there, you can see some metal underneath).

Used equipment G: Usable, but optically or mechanically imperfect.