Discover macro photography

Macro photography is a field that makes us rediscover the world around us. It also allows you to have a lot of fun without having to go far!

What exactly is macro photography?

Officially, macro photography is when the subject is at a ratio of at least 1:1 (or larger) on the camera sensor used. In real life, however, most photos taken at very close range are generally referred to as "macro". The daisy at the top of the page, for example, is not really macro, but rather a close-up!

... but you have the right to call it macro as well :) No one is going to slap you on the wrist :)

I'm tempted! What do I need?

Having a camera is a good start :) Apart from that, there are several techniques that can be used to get a higher magnification ratio. Cameras with small sensors (compacts and bridges) tend to be able to focus much closer than cameras with larger sensors (SLRs and hybrids). For the latter, you can use a macro lens, extension tubes or close-up lenses. Once you have the magnification ratio, other accessories can make your life easier, such as a tripod, a macro flash, a diffuser/reflector, etc.

It is more beautiful with my eyes than with my camera...

It often happens, at first, that you have no idea how to approach macro photography, and that's normal! Most of the usual techniques for getting an interesting photo apply here as well, such as putting a pale subject against a darker background to catch the eye. To get started, try photographing large flowers or butterflies from the side.

I want to know more!

So much the better if we succeeded in piquing your curiosity! :) We have private classes that will allow you to deepen your knowledge of this fascinating universe. Our in-store advisors will also be happy to help you get all the equipment you need to create great macro photos! Contact us by phone, by email or on social networks, or come see us!

We look forward to talking macro with you!